September 2022 Vacation Care

Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Programs will be released 4 weeks in advance

Vacation Care Information

  • If you have not enrolled your child for care with OSHC in 2022:
    • Register for an account if you have never had one through Xplor or reset your password to access an existing account
    • Complete/Review the enrolment form and we will be in contact for confirmation
  • If you are currently enrolled for care with OSHC in 2022:
    • Submit the Vacation Care Booking Form
    • You will receive an email confirmation when your form has been processed.

You should submit your Vacation Care Booking Form to the Service before 6:00 pm on the designated date to reserve your bookings at the discounted rate.  (Any forms/bookings received after this deadline will be charged the normal fee which is an additional $10.00 per session.)

Separate programs will be run in the JR and SR OSHC buildings as they are during term time.  All children will be checked into the Service in the SR building until 9:15am and then all children will be collected and signed out of the Service from the JR building after 3:15pm.

Eatons Hill OSH Club is open from 6:30am – 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Your child needs to bring the following items (labelled with their full name) each day:

  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate sun protection clothing which covers their full shoulders (No singlets or spaghetti straps)
  • Hat – “No Hat, No Outside/Shade Play Only”
  • Enclosed-toe shoes such as runners, no thongs or sandals (except for wet days)
  • Ready-made Morning Tea & Lunch (We cannot heat/reheat any items)

Breakfast will be offered each morning until 7:50am and afternoon tea is also provided.

PLEASE NOTE: OSHC IS A NUT FREE ZONE AS WE HAVE CHILDREN ENROLLED WITH LIFE THREATENING NUT ALLERGIES – no nuts, peanut paste, Nutella, muesli bars, etc… Any nut products will be confiscated and placed in the OSHC office for collection at pick up.

Your child may bring an individual handheld device (such as Nintendo DS, IPAD, etc…) to play games on during the afternoon movie time.  Internet service will not be provided and children will not be allowed to share devices.  The OSHC does not assume liability for damage or loss to the devices – they are brought at your own risk.  There is a storage room available for the devices to be locked during the day.

Days on the calendar with this picture indicate that your child needs to wear his/her EHSS uniform shirt for an excursion.

NO SPARE SHIRTS WILL BE AVAILABLE. If your child arrives without their school polo. You will be required to return home to collect it. 



Days marked with a wet sponge indicate that it is a wet water day requiring swimmers, dry change of clothes, hat, rashie to cover shoulders and a towel.  Children who do not have a hat or rashie will only be allowed to participate for the last 10 minutes of their session.

Eatons Hill OSH Club requires families to enroll for automatic debit through the Debit Success payment program upon enrolment. Families can elect to use their credit card or have their bank account debited for payment with deductions occurring on Wednesday, every fortnight.

Any payment changes can be made through the Xplor App on your mobile phone before Monday of the billing week.

Sessions can be cancelled with 7-days written notice via E-mail to

Please ensure that your child arrives at the service by the designated time wearing their school polo shirt (for easy identification) and a hat for all excursions as well as a water bottle. If you are unable to make it by this time, you should notify the service by calling 0488 698 611 to make alternate arrangements. If the service has not received a phone call from you and your child has not arrived by the designated time, you will be required to transport your child to the designated venue for drop off.

**On Excursion days, your child must wear their school polo – no spare shirts will be available. If your child arrives without their school polo, you will be required to return home to collect it. There will be no exceptions.**

Risk assessments are conducted for atypical activities and all excursions - these are available in the OSHC office for review.