August 2021 Oval $1,000,000

September 2019 Tuckshop Renovation $150,000

September 2019 STEM Room $20,000

Both the Japanese and Dance classrooms, which were formally open-air alcoves of the sports auditorium, were enclosed thanks to joint funding from the P&C and school. The internal fit-out has been funded by the state government. The P&C has also contributed to the cost of air-conditioning to ensure that students and staff using these rooms are as comfortable as those in every other room in the school. The dance studio includes a full-length mirror along one wall and a ballet barre to cater for our Dance Excellence program. Specific furniture, resembling a traditional Japanese classroom will now be ordered by the school.

September 2019 Air Conditioning in Japanese & Dance Classrooms $15,000

March 2019 Sensory Room in P&C Building $9,000

February 2019 Library Furniture $20,000

Wine and Cheese Meet and Greets
The P&C have proudly sponsored two inaugural Wine and Cheese Meet and Greets for our 2019 parents before the Parent Information Evenings. What great events, where Hugh Goodfellow, P&C President Glen Duff, and our P&C Secretary Garnet Swan had the honour of updating the community on all things EHSS and P&C.

February 2019 Wine & Cheese Welcome $600

January 2019 Senior Gathering Area $260,000

The chaplaincy role is an important additional resource that can support the individual and social development of the children in our school, some of whom have or will experience significant personal or family trauma while enrolled here. During 2019, the chaplain is scheduled to work 3 days per week at EHSS; to get the chaplaincy program off the ground, the P&C funded the annual salary for one of these days with the remaining funds being collected through donations and specific chaplaincy fundraisers held throughout the year.

December 2018 Chaplain Salary Support $13,000

The EHSS P&C Association purchased a Yearbook for each student in the 2018 Year 6 graduating class.

December 2018 Yearbooks for Year 6 Students $2,000

2018 Hall AV Projector

June 2018 Hall AV Projector & AV Upgrade; Stage Flooring for Dance $20,000

2018 EHSS Innovation Grants

June 2018 EHSS Innovation Grants $10,000

May 2018 AFL Jerseys $600
The EHSS P&C provided funds to purchase jerseys for the AFL Excellence team who went on to play in the 2018 Grand Finals.

May 2018 AFL Jerseys $600

The EHSS P&C Association purchased a Yearbook for each student in the 2017 Year 6 graduating class.

December 2017 Yearbooks for Year 6 Students $2,800

October 2017 Hall Air Conditioning, $220,000

October 2017 Covered Walkways $130,000

October 2017 Sports Hall Enclosures $75,000

As EHSS planned to expand the IPAD program to Years 2 & 3 in 2018, a need was identified for a pool of school IPADS. The P&C then purchased 150 IPADS to support the program.

August 2017 150 IPADS $70,000

February 2017 EHSS Innovation Grants $10,000

February 2017 EHSS Innovation Grants $10,000