President’s Welcome

Welcome to our P&C,

The Eatons Hill P&C Association is an integral part of our school community.  We aim to promote the interests of the school by fostering cooperation between parents, community members, teaching staff and students.  We also manage a large operation covering outside school hours care, tuckshop, uniform shop and community events, with all funds being re-invested into our school.  These contributions enhance your child's learning opportunities and help this school stand out as an extraordinary school, highly commended in our latest school review in 2019.

Our P&C is about people just like you – parents, grandparents, caregivers, and community minded people.  Our achievements are well documented and literally include millions of dollars of capital projects and other programs which otherwise would not be funded. These contributions enhance your child’s learning opportunities and help this school stand out as one of the leading primary schools on the northside of Brisbane.  Whilst an independent entity, the P&C and the school adopt a true partnership approach with our purpose aligned to improved outcomes for students and parents.

Eatons Hill SS is a big school and we are custodians of a very big P&C operation, so we make sure we run a well-structured P&C association strategically aligned with the School Executive, School Council and the holistic Community to ensure we make the right decisions that deliver the best long-term outcomes for Eatons Hill SS. This achievement is only possible with a strong volunteer P&C Executive, over 35 passionate staff and a small but dedicated group of community volunteers who give themselves to support us.  Of course, we always need more volunteers!

We achieved a great accolade in 2019, as finalists in the prestigious P&C of the Year Awards. Our P&C has a great story to tell, with our nomination based on our P&C reform journey over the last few years with recent achievements noted such as the positive impact of our capital decisions, introduction of chaplain role, OSHC achieving an “exceeding" rating, tuck-shop refurbishment, community engagement  and heaps more, including...

  • Air-con in Community Hall
  • Outdoor Learning Area
  • STEAM Room Contribution
  • Senior Adventure Playground
  • Covered Walkways
  • Rainforest Mural.

Lastly, in order to continue to provide the services we do, we ask all incoming parents to please help us and get involved with the P&C.  It is a great way to get actively involved in your child's education at our great school.


Cameron McInnes
P&C President 2020-2021
P&C Vice President 2018-2019

P&C Executives

Nicholas Whitlock

President 2022
Vice President 2021
Treasurer 2020
Assistant Treasurer 2019

Nicholas has two children attending EHSS, in years 1 and 3.  He is an ardent advocate for better communities and has been involved in the P&C since 2019.  Before that he served as Vice President of Albany Creek Community Kindergarten management committee in 2017.  Nicholas is an actuary at a major insurer where he has worked for 15 years.

Cameron McInnes

Vice President 2022
President 2020-2021
Vice President 2018-2019

Cameron has one child at the school (and one who has now left) and has been been associated as a member of the P&C since 2017. He is a manager at a major insurer and has many years of leadership experience. Welfare and stability of children are of paramount importance to him and his family.

Mori Fathallah

Treasurer 2021-2022
Assistant Treasurer 2020

Mori has one child remaining at EHSS, who also attends our OSH Club.  He is working as a senior manager for an Audit and Assurance company.  Mori has been a member of the P&C since 2020 and enjoys volunteering for his local community.

P&C Strategic Plan

Our Vision

To Be Efficient and Professional By Valuing Our People, Relationships and the Community.

We Value:

Positive Relationships

We have priorities that are measured

Recognise the contributions made by our members & staffs
KPI – Motivation of the member/volunteer group to turn ideas into reality.
KPI – Level of awareness within the school and the community of contributions made by the P&C and its staff.

Engage in projects that provide improved outcomes for our children
KPI – Capital projects selected provide the best value for money and highest return on investment.

Organise and implement community events
KPI – Level of integration into both the school and local community.
KPI – Quality and success of the community event.

Innovate to expand the current business model of the P&C
KPI – Business units level of engagement to innovate service delivery.
KPI – Effectiveness on the implementation of expansion ideas.

P&C Meeting Dates

P&C Meetings are generally held at 7:00pm on the third Wednesday of each month in the conference room of the community hall.
The following dates have been designated for 2021 meetings.

  • 16 February 2022
  • 16 March 2022 (AGM)
  • 18 May 2022
  • 20 July 2022
  • 19 October 2022
  • 16 November 2022

Other P&C Roles


Each year, a P&C Executive member will take the role of the Events and Fundraising Coordinator. This Executive will drive and organise things such as movie night, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and our annual Space Carnival event.

If there are enough volunteers for each event, this Coordinator will plan with others as required to deliver these foundation events for our school community.