Eatons Hill OSH Club

osh clubEatons Hill State School P&C Association is the Approved Provider of Eatons Hill OSH Club. The OSH Club provides care for primary school-aged children in the Community Hall and P&C building located on the Eatons Hill State School campus at 1 Apex Grove. The Exceeding rated Service is open for before and after school care as well as during school holidays and is licensed to provide care for up to 255 children.

The OSHC team is committed to providing high-quality service that supports the needs of each child in a creative, stimulating, and safe environment. The Service aims to extend and enrich children’s wellbeing by providing experiences that are meaningful to the children in an environment that allows them to explore, discover, build relationships, solve problems, create, construct, improvise and imagine. The program is well resourced with a variety of board games, arts and crafts materials, sports equipment, books, and indoor and outdoor toys. The Service also has access to school facilities such as the cricket and basketball courts, ovals and Sports Hall.

Members of the OSHC team bring a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in childcare and work in accordance with the National Quality Framework and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.   They are guided in best practice by the School Aged Framework – My Time, Our Place.

Arts _ Crafts OutsideBy focusing on the three themes of Being, Belonging, and Becoming which underpin the framework, My Time, Our Place, educators provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. A sense of belonging is created by fostering meaningful relationships between educators, children, families and the wider community. Children experience a sense of being by enjoying themselves in the engaging and inclusive environment where they are encouraged to let their interests guide their experiences. A sense of becoming is achieved by taking a holistic view to support the emotional and physical well-being of each child; positively supporting children in their choices and guiding them when they seek assistance to overcome challenges.

Care is available to primary school aged children from Prep to Grade 6 from the beginning of the calendar year in which children will attend school, meaning newly enrolled preps can begin attending vacation care at OSHC as of 1st January, of the year they enrol for prep.

Parents are required to complete a new enrolment form and register their care needs through My Family Lounge each year before their child can attend. A Debit Success payment form is also required the first year of enrolment and thereafter when details change. In October, existing families are given a 4-week priority period to register their care needs for the following year. Once this priority period expires, enrolment is opened to all families.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us at 3264 8500 or

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Outside School Hours Care


Before School Care

$15.50 per day
$18.50 casual

After School Care

$21.00 per day
$24.00 casual

Vacation Care

Basic Day - $50.00
Incursion Day - $60.00
Excursion Day - $65.00
(+$10.00 per day after deadline)

Hours: 6:30am-9:00am
Cost: $15.50 per day; $18.50 casual booking

Before School Care (BSC) is held in the Community Hall for Senior children (Years 3-6) and in the P&C Building for Juniors (Years Prep-2).  Prep children are escorted to class and leave the P&C building at 8:30 to walk across campus – no Prep children can be signed in for care after the Prep group leaves the building.  The remaining junior children are also signed out starting at 8:30am.  The children should then go to their appropriate class line and on to the oval until the 8:50am school bell.

Breakfast is offered between 7:00am and 8:00am with last call at 7:50am.  Breakfast consists of a variety of healthy cereals and fresh fruit.  Gluten-free cereal and soy milk are also available upon request.  Wholemeal toast is not currently being offered due to COVID restrictions.


Hours: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Cost: $21.00 per day; $24.00 casual booking

For After School Care (ASC), Prep children are collected from their classroom and escorted to the P&C Building, arriving generally around 3:20pm.  The remaining grade levels walk from their classroom directly to the appropriate OSHC building with arrival anticipated by 3:10pm.

Year 1 children are collected and escorted to the OSHC from the beginning of the school year until they are transitioned to walk to OSHC by themselves by the end of Term 1.

Afternoon tea and a late snack of fresh fruit are offered daily.

Families must arrange for collection of their children by 6:00pm or a late fee of $15 per 15 minutes or any part thereof per child applies.


Hours: 6:30am-6:00pm
Cost Basic Day: $50.00
Cost Incursion Day: $60.00
Cost Excursion Day: $65.00
+$10.00 per day per child after deadline

Vacation Care is offered during end of term breaks and on pupil free school days.  Fees vary according to the activity that is programmed for the day.  Programs are distributed by email 3 weeks before the break.  Regular term time bookings do not carry into Vacation Care, instead, families may pick and choose which days they would like to book their children into.

Separate programs will be run in the JR and SR OSHC buildings as they are during term time.  All children will be checked in to the service in the SR building until 9:15am and then all children will be collected and signed out of the service from the JR building after 3:15pm.

Breakfast, afternoon tea and a late snack of fresh fruit are offered daily. Your child needs to bring the following items (labelled with their full name) each day:

  • Water bottle - Water is available to refill bottles throughout the day
  • Appropriate sun protection clothing which covers their full shoulders (No singlets)
  • Hat – “No Hat, Shade Play Only”
  • Enclosed-toe shoes such as runners, no thongs or sandals
  • Ready-made Morning Tea & Lunch (We cannot heat/reheat any items)

Your child needs to wear his/her EHSS uniform shirt for all excursions. NO SPARE SHIRTS WILL BE AVAILABLE. If your child arrives without their school polo. You will be required to return home to collect it. 

2021 Enrolment

Policy Changes

As we move toward the end of 2020, there are a few changes that you should be aware of for care being provided in 2021.

  • Cancellation will no longer be offered for individual sessions of Permanent bookings. A permanent booking is a booking that occurs on a regular basis each week or fortnight for an ongoing period.  Permanent bookings reserve a spot for your child and allow the service to staff appropriately and therefor attract a discounted fee.  Permanent bookings remain in place throughout the year until 7-days’ written notice of cancellation is provided – permanent bookings cannot be reinstated within 3 weeks of cancellation.
  • Holiday Break – With 14-days’ notice, a family can request to have the fees from their permanent bookings waived for up to 4 continuous weeks for a holiday. The request needs to be in writing and only one request per calendar year may be approved.
  • Formerly known as the non-notification of absence fee, the Search Fee will be increased to $10 per family per session. The Service has a duty of care to ensure the safety of children who are booked in for afternoon care but do not arrive at the Service.  Many times, the family has forgotten to mark the child as absent for the session but the staff cannot assume this is the case.  Continuous calls are made to all authorised nominees, the school office is contacted if no nominees can be reached, school grounds may be searched and at times, police are contacted.  The service generally has 5-10 children per afternoon in this high-risk situation and can spend up to an hour trying to determine the safety of these children.
  • Payment Day will be changed to Wednesday and Statements will show bookings from the prior 4 weeks – Currently statements are issued on Monday and reflect bookings during the prior 2 weeks with deductions being taken on Friday of the same week. Starting in 2021, statements will instead reflect the last 4 weeks of bookings so that you can view all finalised sessions after CCS has been paid.  Even though the statement will show bookings from the past 4 weeks, you will still only be paying for the bookings from the prior 2 weeks with the deduction occurring on Wednesday.

Registration for 2021

Enrolment for 2021 will begin on Friday 23 October at noon.  All families needing care in 2021 will need to register with the Service by logging into their My Family Lounge account through the OSHC portal on our website – no enrolments carry over into the following year.  Select View enrolment for each child needing care in 2021:

  • Review the enrolment information and provide any updates as needed
  • Scroll to the Other General Questions section near the bottom and tick the acknowledgement, “I have reviewed and updated the information contained in this enrolment and confirm that it is accurate for my 2021 enrolment.”
  • Click Submit – this will push the enrolment through to the Service for review.

You can find further information in the My Family Lounge Enrolment Tip Sheet located in the Forms section.

2021 Permanent Bookings

Booking requests will not drop into the queue until you have registered for 2021 by reviewing and submitting the enrolment form.  Families are advised to submit their enrolment and booking request as soon as possible as waitlists typically occur in the junior building on popular days.

If you do not require permanent bookings, you will utilize the My Family Lounge App to make casual bookings once your 2021 enrolment is confirmed.

To request a permanent booking for 2021 - Click the Edit button on the Right side under Current Bookings.  A pop-up box will appear – enter the preferred start date (the first day of school in Term 1 is Wednesday 27 January), # days you need care and then tick the New Days you need care.  If you currently have a fortnightly booking, you will not see an Edit button.  Instead follow the directions below for Fortnightly Bookings.

If you do not have an Edit button to select -

Click New Request in the Booking Requests section

Select the child or children

Step 1- Select Before School Care, After School Care or both

Step 2 - Select Eatons Hill State School P&C OSH Club

Step 3 - Enter the preferred start date as the first day that you want your child to attend (Remember that all bookings or changes require 7-days’ notice so the effective date may be altered in your Offer to reflect this.)

Enter the number of days that you are needing care

Designate whether you will accept fewer days (as they become available) or will only accept if all are available at once

Tick the days that you need care

Days that do not suit me – this is generally for Long Day Care and does not need to be completed for OSHC.

Click Save.

Fortnightly bookingsthe system does not allow you to register a fortnightly booking request.

  • Click New Request in the Booking requests section
  • In Step 3 - designate the days you need care for week 1 with the preferred start date for week 1; and then
  • Add “Fortnightly booking” in Step 4, Comments on flexibility and detail your needs for week 2, using BSC for Before School Care and ASC for After School Care. Example, “Fortnightly Booking Week 2 BSC – M, W  ASC M, T, W, Th”
  • We will manually adjust the booking on our side to reflect the 2-week cycle.

Please Note: You should carefully determine your permanent request for care, including both the start date and sessions of care, as once we have offered and you have accepted the permanent booking, you cannot make any changes for that date.  If you find that your needs change before the start date, you will need to Edit your request for a new permanent booking with the preferred start date designated as at least 1 day later than your confirmed booking.  You will still be financially liable for the 1 day of care on the original booking and will need to mark your child as absent if they will not attend.


Existing families are given a 4-week window to register their care needs before enrolments for new families are processed.  This priority window will expire on Friday 20 November at noon – enrolments for any new families will then drop into the processing queue.

Processing will begin in November when Letters of Offer will start being emailed.  The offer will only be valid for 7 days so it is important that you log into your My Family Lounge account to accept and confirm the offer which will finalise the process.  If your offer expires without you accepting and confirming, you will need to submit a new Booking Request which will drop into the queue again.

Annual Enrolment Fee

The $25 Annual enrolment fee will be charged to your account once your enrolment is processed.  This is generally determined by the offer of a permanent position or issuance of notice that we have accepted your casual enrolment.  This fee is non-refundable even if you do not start care with the Service.

If you need further information, review the My Family Lounge Enrolment Tip Sheet in the Forms section or contact us at 3264 8500 or

CARING educators offering FUN in a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE environment
makes a QUALITY Service.

What this means to us:



ensuring all children have a sense of belonging as we endeavour to build meaningful relationships with children, families and the wider community; having a genuine interest to listen and acknowledge concerns, ideas and feelings; each child’s best interests is at the heart of our actions.


ensuring all children have a sense of being by enjoying themselves in an engaging, inclusive environment; providing new opportunities and allowing children’s interests to guide their experiences.


conducting daily risk assessments of environment before each session; ensuring all students feel secure and welcomed within the environment; consistently utilising effective policies and procedures; active supervision and awareness.



developing a sense of becoming by taking a holistic view to support the emotional and physical well-being of each child; positively supporting children in their choices and guiding them when they seek assistance to overcome challenges; allowing children to make mistakes so they can then grow and learn from them.



Staff with relevant knowledge and a high skill level facilitated by ongoing training and professional development; reflection on practice for continuous improvement; documenting purposeful events and interactions.